Hatteras Fish Species and Seasons Calendar

If the weather cooperates, it seems like there is always something biting at Hatteras all year round. The fish that are going to be available and the seasons a species is available may vary but the old axiom that "The best time to fish at Hatteras is whenever you can get here!" usually applies most of the year. If you want to know exactly what is biting at the time you are going to be here please give us a call and we'll tell you exactly what species is red hot in Hatteras.

Blue Marlin are the best part of a Hatteras, NC fishing charter.

Blue Marlin have many anglers traveling the globe just to get that chance in a lifetime to fight one of these 200 to 1000 pound monsters. Our Hatteras waters offer an opportunity to fulfill a dream come true. Our boat is rigging and ready when that opportunity arises. (Catch and Release)

Best Months - June thru August

White Marlin

White Marlin are a smaller billfish (50 to 100 pounds) and similar to the blue marlin but what they make up for their smaller size is an awesome aerial show you will picture in your mind for years to come. White marlin require somewhat smaller tackle and years of rigging experience to get them to stay hooked on your line. (Catch and Release)

Best Months - June thru August

Atlantic Sailfish

Atlantic Sailfish are also a member of our local "billfish" family and will usually range in size from 40 to 80 pounds. Using the right small tackle and techniques Bluefin is always ready to give you that opportunity to see one of these beautiful specimens in person and awesome living color. (Catch and Release)

Best Months - June thru September

Yellowfin Tuna are a highly desired offshore catch in Hatteras, NC.

Yellowfin Tuna have been a highly desired offshore catch off deep sea Cape Hatteras for many years. If you have never had fresh yellowfin tuna on the table you have no idea just how tasty it can be. Yellowfin Tuna off Cape Hatteras range from 30 to well over 100 pounds and travel in giant schools. When they are in our area you can find the Bluefin catching them.

Best Months - April thru June and October thru December

Bluefin Tuna often show up off Hatteras in massive hungry schools during our winter months.

Bluefin Tuna often show up off Hatteras in massive hungry schools during our winter months. These fish can range from 200 to 1000 pounds and offer anglers an opportunity to feel just what it is like to be hooked up to a speeding Volkswagon! Tell us you would like to reserve a charter with us when they are here and we'll call you whenever they show up!

Best Months - December thru March

An impressive set of line cutting teeth make a Wahoo a formidable adversary for any offshore charter fisherman.

Wahoo got the name from screaming big game fishing reels with the blistering runs they make when they grab a bait. With an impressive set of line-cutting choppers Wahoo make a formidable adversary for any charter fisherman. Plus there just aren't many fish that can compare to a grilled Wahoo steak.

Best Months - April thru December

Mahi are a blast to catch.

Mahi (sometimes called dolphin locally) are the darlings of the Hatteras fishing charter fleet. This beautiful species will travel the Gulf Stream in large schools and can be coaxed to come right up to the side of the boat and to be caught with light tackle. Beside being a blast to catch they are also excellent on the table.

Best Months - May thru November

Shark represents many species of fish are seasonally available to anglers in our Hatteras, NC waters

Common Hatteras Offshore Species Many other species are also seasonally available to anglers in our Cape Hatteras waters including several species of sharks, cobia, several species of bottom fish, striped bass (rockfish), bluefish, spanish mackerel, king mackerel, red drum (redfish) and many many others. If you have a particular species you would like to target just let us know.

Best Months - Varies By Species


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